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New album "King Youngblood" drops on May 17

He wrote the first song for the album when he was 10 and that became the Gypsy Temple band name. Now at 20, frontman, Cameron Miles Lavi-Jones and his gloriously free-spirited band are delivering the album everyone has been waiting for. King Youngblood is 11 tracks of pure alt-rock intensity, story telling, dynamics and exquisite musicianship.

The album has been produced by Cameron and his father, producer Maurice Jones Jr. who tracked most of the album over the past few years. Cameron’s management, Dreaming In Color Entertainment, also brought in multi-gold and platinum winning producer, Phillip Peterson, to finish the tracking and mix and master this gem of an album.

DashGo distribution has picked the album up for world release, Tiny Human PR, XO Publicity and Sugarbird Marketing lead the pack of the marketing team to get the word out, along with the good work of and distribution guru Steve Corn round out the village required to catapult Gypsy Temple into the national arena.

More great announcements to come by the end of April 2019 so watch for them

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