Formerly, Gypsy Temple, King Youngblood is a rising Seattle rock band.

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"King Youngblood's (formerly Gypsy Temple) video for “Today” …is a case of art recreating, rather than imitating, life."



“The debut from Seattle alt-rock princes King Youngblood (formerly Gypsy Temple) echoes everything from ‘Californication’-era Red Hot Chili Peppers to the anthemic resonance of Lumineers and Gang of Youths."   



"King Youngblood's (formerly Gypsy Temple) talent is well beyond their years. Cameron Lavi-Jones and his band have crafted a sound that is all their own while reminiscent of alternative powerhouses like Coheed and Cambria, Of Monsters and Men, and Live. With descriptive lyrics and powerfully orchestrated rock music… this album will find a home on your playlists for years to come."



"King Youngblood (formerly Gypsy Temple) calls themselves the second coming of alt-rock, and damn if they’re not setting a high bar.



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"King Youngblood's  (formerly Gypsy Temple) sound is a fantastic explosion of guitar, bass, cello and drums. Influences include Jimi Hendrix, My Morning Jacket, OB, Lenny Kravitz, Bob Marley, and many more. The lyrics are deep and truthful and the melodies stay with you for days.”



"Seattle's still pumping out more music per capita than most cities, and tonight King Youngblood (formerly Gypsy Temple) headline Soda Bar, and Justin Hayward of the classic band the Moody Blues headlines a special seated show at the Belly Up. There's some gems out there tonight, so don't miss out on the good times.”


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"King Youngblood (formerly Gypsy Temple) is hitting the Pacific Northwest scene hard. Making their way from Seattle, the band’s knack at crafting awesome rock tunes is apparent. You can listen to the debut album, “King Youngblood,” on Spotify or Apple Music.”



"King Youngblood (formerly Gypsy Temple), a group that might have a legitimate claim as torchbearers of the next generation of alternative rock. The hooks are husky enough to recall fabled alt rockers of the ‘90s and their ‘00s disciples like Coheed & Cambria, but there’s a controlled mayhem in what they’re doing that allows the group’s more globally-focused elements to shine through."



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redefining SEATTLE ALT-ROCK.

King Youngblood has a singular mission: grab alt-rock by the collar and drag it into the waiting arms of a new generation. The Seattle group’s debut self-titled album is a bold declaration that unironic, melodic rock’n’roll continues to stand tall as a vibrant medium of self-expression. Poised to be a historically important piece of art, the album delivered by lead vocalist and principal writer Cameron Lavi-Jones is well beyond his 20 years. A record that reflects the band’s undeniable energy and truth, King Youngblood is here to bring euphoric sonic catharsis to the masses.
Though King Youngblood’s members are all freshly out of their teens, the execution matches the ambition; the band’s thoughtful, dynamic songs are fit for the stadium. All classically trained musicians that came up through public school music programs, Lavi-Jones and bandmates Cory Cavazos and Hamoon “Moon” Milaninia teamed up with Maurice Jones Jr. (Neville Brothers, Peter Gabriel) and multi-platinum producer Phillip Peterson (A$AP Rocky, Portugal the Man, Pink) to craft an undeniably arresting debut LP.

Sonic lighting in a bottle, King Youngblood successfully captures the palpable electricity of the band’s unstoppable live shows — performances that have earned King Youngblood opening slots for the likes of Pearl Jam and Naked Giants. As Lavi-Jones describes it: "King Youngblood is about putting the world on notice that there is an army of dedicated, intelligent, progressive young people coming up — and coming in the wake of the current government and resurgence of blatant racism, and all of the reactionary badness going on right now — we are here to dial this s#*t back.”

King Youngblood is as revolutionary as all the great Northwest bands before them. This album is universal pure musical excellence, a lovingly crafted collection of technically challenging tracks all of which could be singles in their own right. King Youngblood is beautifully crisp, deeply soulful, and elegantly strong. Says Peterson, “Cameron Lavi-Jones offers the best vocals and lyrics of the year. Paced like the ideal novel, King Youngblood folds out in multi-levels inside itself, of revelation, confession, musical extrapolation.”

The band is as committed to activism as they are to music. The band is openly and deeply involved with the National Association for Mental Illness (NAMI). “The song ‘Up Becomes Down’ was written about a dear friend who was going through a hard time dealing with gender issues coupled with depression. ‘Whenever Up Becomes Down’ / I will always be here holding your crown” explains Lavi-Jones. This is from the same band, who in the fall of November 2018, received a grant from the League of Women Voters to perform at over 80 high schools, registering over 3,200 new voters. 



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“This 5 piece ensemble possess the power of a marching band on stage as they jump, headband, stomp, spin, and roll back their eyes in time to their pointing rock beats and driving melodies. You can’t deny it; the band has swagger.”           



“Cameron Miles Lavi-Jones looks like a young Claudio Sanchez with his frizzy mane covering his face while he bombards the crowd with the high energy vocals of “Heavy Handed,... using the power of rock and roll to spark activism.”   



"King Youngblood (formerly Gypsy Temple) finished off Day 2 of KEXP’s Little London Plane broadcast at Upstream Music Festival with an excellent performance that showcased the band’s unique sound. King Youngblood with rapper  Misundvrstood (now LAZA) made the final 4  of MoPOP’s Sound Off 2018, a distinction absolutely deserved, as the group is an exuberant and talented live act that is sure to continue to make noise around the Seattle area and beyond.”                                         


"King Youngblood (formerly Gypsy Temple) … are as much about achieving musical excellence as they are about encouraging activism.”



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