Cameron Miles Lavi-Jones

Cameron Miles Lavi-Jones has been playing and composing music and lyrics since he was three years old. At ten, he convinced two friends to form Gypsy Temple - now King Youngblood - and the rest is history. Starting with piano but quickly moving on to guitar, then bass, then drums with his father producer Maurice Jones Jr.’s guidance, and eventually learning cello through his school’s orchestra program, Cameron continues to be a well-rounded and accomplished musician and songwriter. His University Washington radio talk show, REAL TALK, features guests from all around the Seattle music industry who talk with Lavi-Jones about interconnectivity and what it really takes to survive in the business. Cameron recently joined the KEXP youth advisor board and looks forward to being a productive contributor to this important radio station.


With years of experience behind him, Cameron's electrifying stage presence makes him an unforgettable performer. A talented and versatile musician in his own right, Cameron is the main songwriter for the band, drawing from his diverse experiences in both music and life. Lavi-Jones’ creativity in both writing and recording his original music added with performing live with a showmanship well beyond his years makes him unstoppable.

Hamoon milaninia

If boldness was all it took to be a successful musical artist, then Hamoon Milaninia would already be leaps and bounds ahead of his peers.  An incredibly talented bass player,  calm, cool, and charismatic, Hamoon is the groovy heartbeat of GT. Born and raised in Shoreline, WA and a product of public school music programs, he effortlessly exerts technical prowess that he's developed since he was just a kid learning to play bass. Hamoon is the second most senior member of King Youngblood and brings his leadership skills to every recording session and live performance.  Hamoon, a producer in his own right as well as an accomplished pianist, gives every performance that extra bit of zesty goodness only a funky bassist can add. Moon's grounded stage presence and approach to life is a complement to Cameron's high energy. But don't be fooled, he's the wildest one. What sets him apart from many other bassists is his inherent sense of rhythm coupled with incredible technical skills way ahead of his time.  

cory cavazos

The Dashing Old Rogue™ of the band, Cory Cavazos was a freelance musician who found a home amongst the gypsies. Like a fine sprinkling of paprika, Cory’s cello adds another unique flavor to King Youngblood’s sound. This Chicano was born with a unique mind ravished with extreme emotion and vivid imagination. Cavazos was eventually diagnosed with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder that has taken him on a journey of both oppression and wonderful discovery. With every note and word sung, strummed, or bowed, Cavazos uses his music to tell his story alongside his family in King Youngblood. Indeed, cello is an unusual addition to a rock band, but thanks to his years of training at Cornish College of the Arts and the California Institute of the Arts, Cory knows how to blend his sound perfectly with the band. Well-versed in genres ranging from jazz, Latin, classical and rock, Cory, also a singer-songwriter in his own right,  lives for the music he plays and the stories behind them.  Cory is very proud to be a leader in King youngblood’s youth mental health project - Hold Your Crown - in partnership with

alex dillard

Alex Dillard has been drumming for as long as he can remember.  He moves fluidly through literally all styles from rock to jazz, to hip hop and all points in between but lately, his passion for rock music is exploding as the current live drummer for King Youngblood.  


Alex’s hard-hitting style is perfect for King Youngblood’s take no prisoners cathartic live show.  Alex is also a drum teacher at the School of Rock in Seattle and a founding member of the hip hop fusion group Huey and the InFLOWentials.  Alex is most passionate about playing live and touring.  A totally chill guy when you hang with him, behind the drum set he turns into a rock and roll highly gifted leviathan.


King Youngblood is a rising Seattle rock band.

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