Cameron Miles Lavi-Jones

Cameron Lavi-Jones is a 22-year-old award-winning, musical artist, producer, sound engineer, songwriter, bandleader of his alt-rock band King Youngblood, multi-instrumentalist, graphic designer, film maker, and the executive director of his own non-profit project – Hold Your Crown, fiscally sponsored by the Allied Artist Foundation. He recently graduated with honors with a communications degree from the University of Washington where he focused on marginalized communities, BIPOC social justice issues, and the democratization of media. He has organized BIPOC musical teach-ins in and around the Pacific Northwest. He is one of the founders of the popular podcast The Revolution Will Be Harmonized on Spotify and Apple Music. Lavi-Jones is also working long hours as the youngest senior sound engineer/ producer/writer/session musician of a major recording studio in the greater Seattle area at Studio Sage – a state-of-the-art multi-track facility in Edmonds, WA. He is also a partner of Dreaming In Color Entertainment LLC and its wholly-owned subsidiary - DICE LAB. There seem to be no limits for this young man.

Hamoon milaninia

If boldness was all it took to be a successful musical artist, then Hamoon “Moon” Milaninia would already be leaps and bounds ahead of his peers.  An incredibly talented bass player and a multi instrumentalist equally skilled in piano and various beat making,  calm, cool, and charismatic, Hamoon is the groove’s heartbeat of King Youngblood. Born and raised in Shoreline, WA and a product of public school music programs, Moon effortlessly exerts technical prowess that he's developed since he was just a kid learning to play bass. He is the second most senior member of King Youngblood and brings his leadership skills to every recording session and live performance.  Moon, a hip hop producer in his own right as well as an accomplished pianist, gives every performance that extra bit of zesty goodness only he can add. Moon's head banging stage presence and approach to life is a complement to Cameron's high energy on stage. But don't be fooled, he's the wildest one. What sets him apart from many other bassists is his inherent sense of rhythm coupled with incredible technical skills that provide King Youngblood’s not so secret sauce in the studio and on the stage.  


The youngest freshest band member Chet Peterson exudes positivity like no other human on the planet.  Chet is literally up for anything, anytime and anywhere.  King Youngblood is Chet’s first band and as the cellist he is a centerpiece in the live show.  Chet’s experience in the studio fully makes up for live shows being new ground.  With an acoustic cello wired for live shows complete duck tape over the f holes, Chet is locked and loaded for live performance in a big way.  The cello in King Youngblood is a key instrument for bringing out the melodic pop tones signature to the King Youngblood sound.  Plus Chet is super fun to watch on stage.

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Alix Daniel 

The newest addition to King Youngblood is the long awaited joining of Alix Daniel who is a powerhouse multi genre drummer with a strong expertise in all aspects of rock drumming. The band met Alix several years ago when he sat in on an industry showcase at the historic Central in Seattle and they literally kept asking him every few months to join the band for almost two years. Life was happening for Alix and timing is everything. So when he finally said yes, King Youngblood and their entire team were literally overjoyed. Alix brings an aggressive yet melodic attack to the drums which fits perfectly with King Youngblood’s rock with Afropunk and pop sounds. His favorite bands of all times are Led Zeppelin, Green Day and Nirvana so of course he is a perfect for King Youngblood. Alix is also incredibly entertaining to watch live on stage. He especially brings his love of pop rock to the band’s sound and looks forward to writing as a group on the next album and beyond. Says Alix, “I am honored to join King Youngblood and even more honored that they waited for me to be ready.  I am definitely ready for whatever comes next with King Youngblood and I feel the love with every show from our fans and my band of brothers."