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Collaborating with producer, Phillip Peterson

Phillip Peterson was handed Cameron Lavi-Jones and the Gypsy Temple project on a silver platter after Cameron and his father, producer Maurice Jones Jr., had been tracking for several years.

Cameron needed a fresh set of ears and approach to finish tracking and mixing the project. The solution was bringing in Phillip Peterson of House of Breaking Glass Studios. Working with a multi-platinum award-winning producer helped boost Cameron’s confidence so he could compete out there with a solid alt-rock project.

Phillip is a composer, orchestrator and creative catalyst with work spanning symphonic commissions, orchestrations for hip hop.pop to intricately composed film scores. He has worked with a vast range of artists including Lorde, Ed Sheehan, Portugal.The Man, Maroon 5, Taylor Swift, Pink, Cashmere Cat and Kehlani. He is also the co-leader of his own band, Tennis Pro. Philip holds more than 10 Grammy nominated Platinum and Gold Records to his credits for his work and is a member of the Recording Academy.

Phillip and Cameron have formed a life-long friendship from late nights in the studio making magic for Gypsy Temple’s debut album King Youngblood on Very Juicy Records. Says Phillip, “Cameron Lavi-Jones offers the best vocals and lyrics of the year. Paced like the ideal novel, King Youngblood folds out in multi-levels inside itself, of revelation, confession, musical extrapolation.”

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