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Maurice Jones Jr. Proud Father; Even Prouder Producer

There is a magical place in Lake Forest Park, WA where a father and a son grew up together in the Red Room Studio. It was here that Cameron Lavi-Jones developed as a musician, a songwriter and as a producer/engineer. His father, award winning producer and bassist, Maurice Jones Jr., has been Cameron’s mentor since he was three years old when Cameron first started playing instruments.

From piano to guitar to bass to keyboards to cello to drums and lord knows what else, thanks to his father’s guidance, Cameron turned into one of those kids who can pick up most instruments and learn to play them prolifically. Likewise, Maurice taught his son all about pro tools, final cut, photo shop until one day, Cameron became a true digital prodigy while still in high school.

Maurice Jones Jr. is the co-founder of Very Juicy Entertainment and the Red Room Studio. He has achieved a lifetime of professional experience as a music producer, filmmaker, recording engineer, musician, educator, performer, graphic artist, production facility designer and entrepreneur. He has worked alongside notable talent including the Neville Brothers, Peter Gabriel, Edison Jones, and the SongCatchers.

Maurice is also the Program Director at the community radio station KVRU 105.7FM. Says Maurice, “At first I was the teacher and Cameron was the student, but these days just as often, I am learning from my son. It’s such a trip.”

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