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King Youngblood Kicks Off Their Summer Touring with A Local High Dive Show For Friends & Family

King Youngblood is off and running for their 2019 King Youngblood Reigns Summer Tour starting at Fremont’s High Dive club - where the band really got their club start in Seattle.

Inspired to pick up the local show because Cameron Lavi-Jones’ Aunt Terri was coming to town for the 4th of July holidays, King Youngblood rocked the High Dive as hard and fast as they ever have.

Also in the audience was Gabe Berenson, the assistant to King Youngbloods Agent at APA/Los Angeles Val Wolfe. Said Gabe, “I love this band more and more every time I get to see them live. So excited for APA to send them off into the great beyond of national touring this summer.”

Following their intense performance at the High Dive, the band took some family and friends time on July 7th to celebrate the birthday of their manager Lara Lavi at the Lake Forest Park Civic Club where Cameron grew up and spent many a summer’s day. Gabe’s Dad Ron joined in with many of the band member family and friends and everyone sang along to King Youngblood songs impromptu. Note everyone ate REALLY WELL at the party!

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