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We were happy when the Seattle Times listed King Youngblood’s breakthrough album Big Thank in the top 20 albums for 2022. We were thrilled when Fishbone took King Youngblood on a mini tour to Portland, OR, Seattle, WA and Vancouver BC (our first time playing in Canada and crossing the border was so much easier than we expected). We were even MORE thrilled when Fishbone said yes to MORE touring under our Black and Loud Tour and Festival project for 2023 and beyond. We LOVED playing those 5 shows at the Kraken Games in October and November of 2022 and we all now understand how hockey works. Unleash the Kraken!

But then Cameron and our friend Rae Isla decided it was time to have King Youngblood join the block chain so Rae helped him put out King Youngblood’s very first NFT for an orchestral version of the band’s hit song Too Late Too Soon – see to get one of the last NFTs of this first edition before it is SOLD OUT as there are just a couple left of this limited collection. This took us over the moon as the band made more money from selling 25 NFTs then from all their SPOTIFY streaming combined in 2022.

So now are King Youngblood is poised to hit the road all over Oregon in February and then hit Salt Lake, Utah, Austin, Texas for SXSW, Los Angeles for MUSE EXPO (thank you Sat Bisla for this) and two shows at Treefort in Boise Idaho before heading back to Seattle to play a show with the one and only True Loves.

It really is a good day to be young and they are just warming you up for an amazing rise in 2023.


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