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King Youngblood Returns to the Stage in a Blaze of Glory

Friday July 9, 2021 Barboza with special guest Nathan Nzanga

Seattle, WA. The Covid-19 pandemic left a wake of Rock and Roll carnage this 18 months and we saw many music projects go under water. Not so for the mighty young rock band King Youngblood. Right before Covid, the band had 5 months of touring booked – locked and loaded to adventure across the USA. Then with all shows cancelled or postponed, King Youngblood, like so many other artists, was initially dejected and shell-shocked but quickly dusted themselves off and made lemonade out of some pretty harsh lemons. The result is a brilliant new album coming out September 24, 2021 on a spanking new label – announcements to come shortly so wait for it.

In the meantime shows are coming to King Youngblood faster than the band can say the words they are best known for “Black Art As Resistance.” Coming up this Friday, July 9, 2021 Barboza is re-opening and King Youngblood is part of the celebration. Doors open at 7pm and the shows starts at 8pm with social conscious hip hop artist Nathan Nzanga fresh from the premier of his short film/music video at Tribeca film festival in NYC where he won rave reviews for his collaboration with Shoreline Community College film students.

“We are playing some brand new songs that will be on the new album, some songs – you can only hear live and some favorites from our first album King Youngblood. We advise folks to come ready to slam on the dance floor and if you are small boned – bring a pillow to buffer the impact," laughs founder and leader of King Youngblood Cameron Lavi-Jones. Adds Lavi-Jones, “We have some pretty amazing announcements to make after a year in solitary confinement due to Covid so hoping to see as many fresh healthy vaxed fans as possible this Friday. This show will be off the hook as we are officially unleashed and ready to feed the underground faithful. Buckle up!”

Learn more about King Youngblood @kingyoungbloodmusic and

Learn more about Nathan Nzanga at @naytropilis and

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Barboza – 925 E Pike Street, Seattle, WA 98122


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