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My Seattle Sessions Blog

Hamoon Milaninia

Back in January of 2020, Chase Fade and Diamonds Dancing held the Seattle Sessions, an event where all of the best musicians from Seattle and Washington State were invited to a studio to work on a collaborative project for two days.. Being able to take part in the Seattle Sessions was a truly incredible experience. 

As soon as I received word that King Youngblood was invited to the Seattle Sessions I was ecstatic. All of my favorite local musicians were invited so I was beyond excited.   On Friday, the first day, Cameron and I arrived at the studio and we were greeted by the large group of people already busy at work.  Upon arrival, we were both awawestrucke struck at the amount of amazing music being created in each of the different rooms.

As soon as Cam and I got settled, we got to work.  For the first few hours, we were both just bouncing around, going room to room adding whatever guitar or bass was needed on the track.   Later in the evening, Cameron and I got the chance to engineer a few tracks.  Being able to engineer and produce for some of the best artists in Seattle was surreal for me. Cam and I stayed in one of the rooms engineering until about 7am on Saturday. 

After going home and getting about 3 hours of sleep, we were back at it on Saturday afternoon. On Saturday we made sure to arrive as early as possible so that we could secure a room to engineer again.  And we were successful. The entirety of Saturday was spent by Cameron and I engineering and producing for some of Seattle’s best artists. 

Ultimately we were able to record 6 different songs, some of which are my favorite songs I’ve helped produce to date. Overall, the experience was amazing. Despite the grueling work hours and lack of sleep, I enjoyed every minute of the Seattle Sessions.

Thanks to Diamonds Dancing and Chase Fade, musicians across Washington State were able to come together and create a truly collaborative and unique project.  I am very happy to say that I was a part of that project. It’s great to hear that Chase Fade is putting out the first song from these sessions any day now - so watch for the first song from the Diamond sessions coming up quick.


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