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262,500 total discography streams
6,000 monthly listeners currently







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Cameron Lavi-Jones along with bassist Hamoon Milininia, rock drummer Oz Labrae, and cellist Chet Peterson have a singular mission: grab alt-rock by the collar and drag it into the willing arms of a new generation of rock fans fueling the unstoppable resurgence of rock. Led by 22-year-old Cameron Lavi-Jones, King Youngblood’s music is a step into the future of rock according to many top music industry leaders and taste-makers including London Bridge studio owner and producer Eric Lilavois (Ayron Jones, Smokey Brights, My Chemical Romance, Pearl Jam, Macklemore, Death Cab For Cutie).


King Youngblood’s sound incorporates a unique blend of alt-rock, Indie-rock, and pop-rock ballads, with both live and looped drums, hook-laden, and anthemic arena rock choruses, and lyrics overflowing with intersectionality, and messages of social justice. The songs stand just as strong full electric as well as unplugged, stripped down to Lavi-Jones singing with an acoustic guitar or adding his band mates on acoustic cello and bass.  King Youngblood’s sound is rooted in the tradition of current, and very successful artists like the Foo Fighters, Cage the Elephant, 30 Seconds to Mars, The Killers, My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, Panic at the Disco, Twenty One Pilots, Foster the People, Weezer, Gang of Youths, Royal Blood, Fever 333, and can even be compared to the energy and social justice message levels of Tom Morello’s Rage Against the Machine. 


King Youngblood’s show’s rock hard, and could explode into moshing or, a giant feather pillow fight (that was a mess to clean up!).  A King Youngblood show could also be a secret intimate unplugged show. No matter the venue, –Lavi-Jones and his band will always put on an electrifying take no prisoners rock show.

A strong belief in doing what is right, lies at the core of what drives Lavi-Jones and his band. That belief seeps into his creative expressions as a musician, an activist, and as a human. Lavi-Jones: “As a black Jew, I’ve been incredibly lucky to grow up with a sense of pride in who I am and my dual cultures, without ever having to look at them as opposite sides of a coin. People that look like me have spent too much time being shoved in the shadows. I have something to say and I am grateful my songs and my band King Youngblood give me the forum to speak my mind and lift up others.” 


The band’s highly anticipated sophomore album “You’re So Welcome” on Bloc Star Evolution/Universal Records comes September 24, 2021 with 12 rocking tracks and a bonus acoustic track that takes no prisoners.


Fueled by the legacy of the golden days of alternative rock, King Youngblood is determined to carry that spirit forward and use it to inspire a whole new generation of rock n’ roll fans. Based in Seattle, arguably the greatest rock city in the world, the band developed out of the idea that melodic rock n’ roll remains a force as one of the most spirited mediums of self-expression.

the band and creative team

Cameron Lavi-Jones – Founder, Lead Vocals, Guitar, Principal writer

Hamoon Milaninia – Bass

Alix "Lix" Daniels – Drums

Chet Peterson - Cello

Eric Lilavois, Co-writer, producer

Phillip Peterson, Co-writer

“Gypsy Temple echo everything from ‘Californication’-era Red Hot Chili Peppers to the anthemic resonance of Lumineers and Gang Of Youths on their debut full-length.”   



“Gypsy Temple's video for "Today," premiering exclusively below from the Seattle group's debut album King Youngblood, is a case of art recreating, rather than imitating, life."


“A call to action for the future. Declaring “this is step one of 10,000,” frontman Cameron Lavi-Jones pulls off what every punk band thinks they’re doing, but few actually are. It’s that rarest of beasts, actually sighted: art as activism. Of course it doesn’t hurt that the song itself is dope as all getout. With a serious intensity, the combustible hook bursts like a molotov cocktail out your speakers.”



"King Youngblood’s goal to connect on a human level and appeal to people’s emotions is a theme they will also revisit on their forthcoming album, Big Thank, which will blessings from top Seattle grunge band legends.”



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