Formerly, Gypsy Temple, King Youngblood is a rising Seattle rock band.

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King Youngblood has a singular mission: grab alt-rock by the collar and drag it into the waiting arms of a new generation.   Led by 21-year-old Cameron Lavi-Jones, King Youngblood’s music is where the future of  “rock music” is heading according to many of top music industry leaders and taste-makers including their producer Adam Kasper (Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Queens of the Stone Age, Eddie Vedder, Dave Grohl, and Soundgarden). King Youngblood’s sound incorporates a unique blend of alt-rock, Indie-rock and pop-rock, both live and hip- hop drums, hook-laden and anthemic choruses and lyrics overflowing with intersectionality and social justice issues. King Youngblood’s sound encompasses all of these styles and is rooted in the tradition of current and very successful Rock, Alt-Rock, Indie-rock and Pop-Rock artist like Foo Fighters, Cage the Elephant, 30 Seconds to Mars, The Killers, My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, Panic at the Disco, Twenty One Pilots, Foster the People, Weezer, Gang of Youth, Royal Blood and even on an energy and lyrical level Rage Against the Machine to name but a few.

Says Adam Kasper, “I think Cameron is as talented, marketable and can draw as diverse an audience as any artist out there. As a band, Cameron and King Youngblood are also incredible live. In terms of effort, musical talent, songwriting, and stage presence Cameron and his band King Youngblood, even at this young age,  are one of the most compelling and complete artist packages out there and are certainly poised to lead the return to rock we see happening.”

Lavi-Jones and Kasper have produced seven new songs for consideration by labels and King Youngblood’s growing fan base.  Cameron has written at least 20 more demos about to get their turn in the studio.  King Youngblood hopes to release new music in late spring 2020.


In May 2019, King Youngblood under their original name Gypsy Temple, put out their debut album aptly titled King Youngblood.  Note the band changed their name to King Youngblood in November 2019 to King Youngblood. 


This debut album has sold from the stage over 9,500 hard copy CDs and is a bold declaration that unironic, melodic rock ’n ’roll continues to stand tall as a vibrant medium of self-expression.  For a first release, this album reflects the band’s undeniable energy and truth, that King Youngblood is here to bring euphoric sonic catharsis to the masses.

Though the three core band members are all freshly out of their teens, their execution matches their ambition; the band’s thoughtful, dynamic songs played live are fit for the stadium. All classically trained musicians who came up through public school music programs, for the first album, Lavi-Jones and bandmates Cory Cavazos and Hamoon “Moon” Milaninia teamed up with multi-platinum producer Phillip Peterson (A$AP Rocky, Portugal the Man, Pink) to craft their undeniably arresting debut LP.

As Lavi-Jones describes it: "King Youngblood is about putting the world on notice that there is an army of dedicated, intelligent, progressive young people coming up — and coming in the wake of the current government and resurgence of blatant racism, and all of the reactionary badness going on right now — we are here to dial this s#*t back.”


Embracing intersectionality, Lavi-Jones explains, “All of us, the band and the team behind us, are extremely conscious of issues of race and culture. We think about the challenges for people of color because our musical tribe is comprised of a United Nations of ethnicity. ​


The band is as committed to activism as they are to music. King Youngblood is openly and deeply involved with the National Association for Mental Illness (NAMI) and the King County Regional Mental Health Court. “The song ‘Up Becomes Down’ was written about a dear friend who was going through a hard time dealing with gender issues coupled with depression. ‘Whenever Up Becomes Down / I will always be here holding your crown’” explains Lavi-Jones.

The band formed its own non-profit organization called Hold Your Crown dedicated to reaching youth to change the culture about youth mental illness and the path to mental wellness.  This is from the same band, who in the fall of November 2018, received a grant from the League of Women Voters to perform at over 80 high schools, registering over 3,200 new voters.   The band will resume their voter activism to encourage kids to vote in the fall of 2020.


Says Phillip Peterson, who co-produced the debut album and is co-writing songs for the next body of work that Adam Kasper has taken the lead to produce, “Cameron Lavi-Jones offers the best vocals and lyrics of this next decade. 


In short, live and in the studio – King Youngblood led by the young rare talent Lavi-Jones is a roaring storm of musicality, fresh sounds and infectious hooks while celebrating the everlasting truth that rock and roll will never die it just changes forms.

Though Cameron's focus is on his songwriting and building his alt/rock band King Youngblood, his creative energy reaches a much larger community of fans and other artists beyond the rock genre.  Cameron is also an in-demand creative force in the bubbling hip-hop movement-building in Seattle and Tacoma powered by Macklemore’s success.  Cameron is regularly asked to compose beats, provide lyrics and feature on both recordings and live performances rapping and playing guitar.   Among rock and rap musicians, he is equally embraced. This puts Cameron in rarified air in terms of the audiences he has the potential to engage; perhaps not unlike the band Korn whose music has resonated across the metal, rock and hip-hop communities. 

A 21-year-old multi-instrumentalist who has been producing beats as long as he has been writing rock music and he started writing rock music when he was 11, Cameron's background provides a unique perspective into a wide range of intersectional cultural and life experiences. All of this comes through in his massive creative output. Currently, Cameron’s collaborations include beats and lyrics with and for on the rise rapper Macntaj, afro electric pop punk TeZATalks and hip hop filmmaker Chase Fade.  Unlike the average one dimensional rock-band most of whom, have a glass-ceiling on the depth of audience they have the potential to reach, Cameron and King Youngblood’s broad appeal from both his fans and his musical peers, from rock to hip hop, make him and his band at the forefront of a nearly limitless funnel of potential fans.

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adam kasper

"I believe Cameron Lavi-Jones is as talented, and I might say even further along than, for instance, Dave Grohl was when he launched the Foo Fighters. I make this particular comparison because I was there at the time. To me, Cameron and King Youngblood and Dave and the Foo Fighters have a similar appeal, particularly as live performers.

Adam Kasper, Producer

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cameron lavi jones

He might be young, but songwriter, performer, producer, activist Cameron Lavi-Jones is no rookie–with hundreds of shows played, this twenty-one-year-old ‘kid’ is a grown-ass musician. After ten years of live performance, Lavi-Jones is effortless on stage, delivering infectiously energetic shows from house parties to festivals. Is he talented? Lavi-Jones will tell you “It’s 80% the hair,” but four-time Grammy-winning rock producer Adam Kasper (Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam, Queens of the Stone Age, Aerosmith) seems to think Lavi-Jones has what it takes–Kasper is producing King Youngblood’s (formerly known as Gypsy Temple) dozens of new songs in the wake of the band’s 2019 successful release King Youngblood. With drums for several of the new songs coming from Soundgarden and Pearl Jam’s Mat Cameron, and production in the hands of Kasper, King Youngblood’s upcoming body of work, yet to be titled, is fast becoming one of the most feverishly anticipated records in the alt-rock music scene.   


Led by Lavi-Jones, what’s a King Youngblood show like? Could be a rock and roll catharsis erupting in a giant feather pillow fight, could be a secret intimate unplugged Sofar show, could be a sweltering club show with fans bursting at their seams bouncing as one big club scene of wild abandon.  No matter the venue–Lavi-Jones always provides an electrifying show. Lavi-Jones: “When I’m on stage, it’s one of very few places on earth, that is only for me and our band.” Placemaking is no small part of King Youngblood’s shows. As a black Romani/Iraqi Jew, the name King Youngblood; a name that Lavi-Jones connects with leading an army of intersectional youth intuitively follows from Lavi-Jones’s heritage and his belief that fundamentally inclusive gathering spaces are, well, a little sacred.


Lavi-Jones is a prolific songwriter, firing out original alt-rock gems literally daily.  Says’ producer Adam Kasper,” We are recording 20-30 new songs by the end of second quarter 2020 and then see what comes of it because Cameron has the work ethic of the likes of Eddie Vedder and Dave Grohl; he has what it takes.”

A strong belief in doing what is right lies at the core of what drives Lavi-Jones and his band and that belief seeps into his creative expressions as a musician, as an activist, and as a human. Lavi-Jones: “As a black Jew, I’ve been incredibly lucky to grow up with a sense of pride in who I am and my dual cultures, without ever having to look at them as opposite sides of a coin. People that look like me have spent too much time being shoved in the shadows. I have a unique privilege and opportunity to look forward into what I think is where we should have been already. I have something to say and I am grateful my songs and band King Youngblood gives me the forum to speak my mind and lift up others.” 




Lara Lavi        

Adam Kasper



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the band

Cameron Lavi-Jones – Founder, Lead Vocals, Guitar, Principal writer

Hamoon Milaninia – Bass

Cory Cavazos – Cello

Alex Dillard – Live Performance Drummer

“Gypsy Temple echo everything from ‘Californication’-era Red Hot Chili Peppers to the anthemic resonance of Lumineers and Gang Of Youths on their debut full-length.”   



“Gypsy Temple's video for "Today," premiering exclusively below from the Seattle group's debut album King Youngblood, is a case of art recreating, rather than imitating, life."


"Gypsy Temple's sound is a fantastic explosion of guitar, bass, cello and drums. Influences include Jimi Hendrix, My Morning Jacket, OB, Lenny Kravitz, Bob Marley, and many more. The lyrics are deep and truthful and the melodies stay with you for days.”



"Seattle's still pumping out more music per capita than most cities, and tonight Gypsy Temple headline Soda Bar. There's some gems out there tonight, so don't miss out on the good times.”


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