“A call to action for the future. Declaring “this is step one of 10,000,” frontman Cameron Lavi-Jones pulls off what every punk band thinks they’re doing, but few actually are. It’s that rarest of beasts, actually sighted: art as activism. Of course it doesn’t hurt that the song itself is dope as all getout. With a serious intensity, the combustible hook bursts like a molotov cocktail out your speakers.”

about the song

"This visual for Yakubian Antics is my proudest piece of art yet. It represents everything King Youngblood is and everything I care about in every sense. It is inherently unapologetic, socially conscious, and BIPOC as fuck. It showcases the powerful artistic and marginalized communities we hail from while simultaneously reminding folx to continue applying pressure in this movement, regardless of your proximity to the oppressors we face every day. It is intersectional at its core, as everyone – on both sides of the lense, comes from all walks of life and experiences and have value. Our message is clear, America is on fire.  We believe Black Art As Resistance.  Through our art, we are asking everyone to "Run The Fade on White Supremacy." 


- Cameron Miles Lavi-Jones


King Youngblood is a rising Seattle rock band.

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