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Special guest performance on drums by Matt Cameron of Soundgarden & Pearl Jam
RELEASE DATE 5-29-2020

KING YOUNGBLOOD’s first single of this new crop of fresh alt rock music for your listening pleasure is a somewhat dark melody and message called Opaque. Lead Singer and the group’s founder, Cameron Lavi-Jones explains, “The song is about marginalized people wanting to be seen for the right reasons; not tokenized but instead, heard and seen thoroughly. I wish this song was not so relevant today.”


This song, especially during this tragic pandemic is more relevant than ever for people experiencing homelessness, people of color, the LGBTQ+ communities, people who don’t matter economically to the political elite, people suffering from social justice inequities, and well, people who can get shot down just for jogging because of the color of their skin.

"This pandemic has caused a feeling of unease in all of us and some more than others. Putting the pieces of our lives back together isn't easy, we need support from one another to find hope in solidarity and to be seen."


Cory Cavazos, cellist for King Youngblood and Executive Director for the band’s non-profit Hold Your Crown project.

"As a 21 year old, mixed-race, black and jewish man - all the racist killings just in the last couple months, while we were making the video for Opaque, have made me even more determined to use my voice  within the unrest of all people who are tired and furious with this constant surge of racial violence. It is f*cking unreal that as we were editing this video and getting ready to put the song out, another name had to be added to the dedication list.  We dedicate this song and this video to Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd; rest in power.  It is an unfortunate truth that by the time this song and video come out more innocent black bodies will be added to the list of victims of unnecessary hatred.  America is on fire right now, and will continue to burn until justice is served.  The lives of people of color must be valued and must be seen.   Our deaths have meaning.  Say our names.  This is what Opaque is about."


Cameron Miles Lavi-Jones, Leader of King Youngblood

And through it all, art emerges because the music cannot be denied. Maya Angelou wrote “A free bird leaps on the back of the wind and floats downstream til the current ends, and dips his wings in the orange sun rays and dares to claim the sky.”  King Youngblood can’t wait any longer. They must claim the sky and their rightful place as the future of rock music. King Youngblood is taking the big leap with Opaque for its newest single.


Written by Cameron Lavi-Jones cp 2018

Walk through me at a pace so strong My body is here, my mind is gone My 20/20 wisdom is lost

Read nothing from you, you can’t seem to talk

But you see me, right through me Like I’m not there, I’m Opaque I’m Opaque Maybe, it could be all in my head My logic is wrong, my morals are dead I give but don’t receive my bread I baked it myself with sugar of lead But you see me, right through me Like I’m not there, I’m Opaque I’m Opaque But you see me, right through me Like I’m not there, I’m Opaque I’m Opaque

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