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It was a glorious spring evening when members of the community including NAMI - Washington officials and NAMI Eastside and special guest Washington State Senator and champion of all mental health issues in Washington.

Manka Dhingra joined with Gypsy Temple to celebrate our National Mental Health Month - May 2019. Gypsy Temple played a rousing unplugged set right by the Ferris Wheel while the City of Seattle lit the Wheel green - which is the color honoring mental health issues.

NAMI whose message is to Stomp Out Stigma related to mental health and End the Silence has aligned with Gypsy Temple for a number of initiatives to reach out to youth to help them understand that the bravest thing they can ever do is get help if they have a mental health issue or illness.

Gypsy Temple has formed their own project called Hold Your Crown with their fiscal sponsor the Allied Arts Foundation of Seattle, a 501 C 3 organization, dedicated to reaching out to youth in the schools, through their “self care videos,” through social media and live performance to let youth know they are not alone and where to get help.

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