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Gypsy Temple on Nancy Guppy's ArtZone

Seattle’s own Nancy Guppy Hosts Gypsy Temple on ArtZone Almost Live and ArtZone’s Nancy Guppy hosted Gypsy Temple on her show on May 3 with online broadcast and television broadcast on the Seattle Channel - see the whole show here..

Nancy and Gypsy Temple go way back to when band members Cameron Lavi-Jones and Hamoon Milaninia were still in high school at Shorecrest high school. Now with their debut album coming out May 17, 2019 - King Youngblood on Very Juicy Records, Nancy was thrilled to bring the guys back for a show to debut not only the new album but the newest line member of the band, guitarist Martin Creed.

Nancy Guppy’s show is a must for all Seattle area artists and bands and the show has recently had such greats as the True Loves featuring Jimmy James who also played the Guitar God in Gypsy Temple’s video TODAY.

“We are thrilled to have Cameron and guys at the Coach House rocking our world once again - as this band is so so worthy and on the rise. There is a reason people call them the “Mighty Gypsy Temple” They are powerful live beyond compare, exalted Nancy Guppy post taping.

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