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Watch out Ketchum, Gypsy Temple is coming to town

Following a triumphant opening season of music, drama, film festivals and more, Ketchum’s new Argyros Performing Arts Center has started turning its attention to the warmer summer months.

With no better way to usher in summer than with some raucous, dance-inspiring music, the Argyros has enlisted the talents of Seattle’s up-and-coming new alt-rock force Gypsy Temple.

Self-styled as the second coming of the alt-rock subgenre, Gypsy Temple aims to breathe energetic new life into this popular, but static, musical form, emerging with a sound—as a reviewer for Atwood Magazine said—both “charming and impassioned.”

What: Concert by new Seattle-based alt-rock group Gypsy Temple, opener by St. Terrible.

Where: The Argyros Performing Arts Center,

120 Main St. S., Ketchum.

When: Saturday, May 18, at 8 p.m.

Cost: $10 pre-purchase, $15 at the door.

Details: Go to

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