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Words from King Youngblood’s Cameron Lavi-Jones about the Big Thank songs and more

Cameron Lavi-Jones - front man and founder of King Youngblood had a few choice words about the new album Big Thank - the songs and life in the rock and roll fast lane - Take a look -


A proper welcome to the unbridled rawness of King Youngblood! This album focuses so much on the growth and transition we experienced through our college years but this title track has such a long history, especially relating to our roots coming up in the UW (University of Washington) house party scene. House shows are how we cut our teeth and got a chance to see just how deeply folks resonate with the energy we put into our shows, so we said this has gotta be how we introduce ourselves with our debut album because as errybody know, first impressions count. So what better way to intro ourselves than showcasing exactly who we've always been, just some youngins that fell in love with getting loud with friends.

A Thousand Songs

I fucking love Eric Lilavois. He's not only the producer extraordinaire of this album, the president of the godamn PNW Grammy chapter, our co-writer on this tune, but more importantly, he is absolutely a true champion of the Seattle music community. I have not once walked away from a session or just a conversation with him without feeling both seen as an artist and championed by a mentor. This song is a reflection on how beautifully challenging it is to chase the dream of rockstardom. We wanted to articulate a nostalgic appreciation of how far we've come, a proud acknowledgment of where we know we are headed, and an anchored commitment to seeing this through, no matter what.


THIS SONG SHOULD SERVE AS A WARNING. We try to be as unapologetic about being ourselves as possible and a massive component of being unapologetic is being ruthless about taking up space- especially spaces that we've been made to feel othered in. THREAD is an anthem for outsiders like us. There aren't a lot of folks that look like us in the rock world, so THREAD is to remind outsiders that we belong in any of the spaces we may have felt pushed out from, but to fucking mosh our way to the front.

too late, too soon

During the summer of 2020, Seattle was predominantly in the news for the Capitol Hill Occupied Protest (CHOP). With the active demonstrations happening, along with the overlay of COVID still very much making public gatherings a health hazard, it was the first time for many people to ask themselves some very difficult questions. We didn't have the distractions of work, friends, or family, and for the first time across the country, we had to look at ourselves in the mirror and ask if we were enough. too late, too soon is an attempt to answer that question.

cried in my Cadillac

Have you ever had a panic attack in your car from seeing someone that on sight made your anxiety so bad that you almost crashed so you pulled over on the side of the road to get a good cry out?

yeah me too.

Fun fact: in this song, we got a chance to sample a clip from our favorite house show venue in UW for the bridge. Shout out to all 600 of the homies that always pack out when we play The Nook.